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BHI Presents to AIA on Covid‐19 Infrastructure in Low Resource Settings

BHI presented a case study to the American Institute of Architects on how we designed and built COVID-19 infrastructure for low resource settings. Watch the full presentation here

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Sponsored by the Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PDKC), this is the third live course in their COVID case study series. Each course consists of two case studies.

Covid‐19 Infrastructure in Low Resource Settings This course will investigate the process of designing and implementing expanded hospital capacity in low resource settings throughout the world. While cities like Boston were able to construct massive, high quality medical facilities rapidly and with access to a variety of building materials and professionals, communities in Haiti and Uganda had to respond with the same urgency but far fewer resources. Build Health International used its experience working in these settings combined with medical expertise from Ebola and other outbreaks to design and construct Covid‐19 treatment centers with all the constraints associated with building in developing nations.

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Watch the full presentation here.