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Project Introduction

Build Health International, with funding and support from W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is in the process of completing a Community Planning report for Fond-des-Blancs’ Town Center. While discussing the importance of master planning for Saint Boniface Hospital, BHI and the Kellogg Foundation realized that assessments, data, planning concepts, and most importantly conversation should be expanded to the entire Fond-des-Blancs community, especially in light of the growing risk of extreme storm events. With information from a Community Assessment, environmental report, and GIS mapping, BHI is working with community stakeholders to create a report that captures the existing conditions and vision for Fond-des-Blancs’ future.

Build Health International

Project Information

  • Timeline
    July 2017 - September 2018
  • Operational Partner
    W.K. Kellogg Foundation
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Build Health International

Project Description

The Fond-des-Blancs Community Planning Project, funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, grew off of the Saint Boniface Hospital Master Planning Project.

While discussing the importance of Master Planning for Saint Boniface Hospital, BHI and the Kellogg Foundation realized that assessments, data, planning concepts, and most importantly dialogue should be expanded to the entire Fond-des-Blancs community. Building and facilitating the Hôpital Universitaire Mirebalais and witnessing the dramatic changes to the surrounding town afforded BHI a unique perspective in how dramatically expanding healthcare impacts a Haitian city, with significant economic and community implications. . With the goal of assessing the resources, needs, and aspirations, BHI focused the plan on the Fond-des-Blancs Town Center.

In the midst of the master planning project, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti’s Southern coast in October of 2016 and decimated homes, crops, livestock, and roads. After conducting road repairs (insert link), BHI teamed up with the local development group ADF (Association for the Development of Fond-des-Blancs), to complete an assessment addressing questions regarding demographics, education, WASH, and health. GIS specialists surveyed the area and provided the very first detailed aerial maps of the region, an environmental assessment specialist conducted an analysis of existing conditions.

With the environmental report, ample supply of maps, assessment, and four years of experience working in the Fond-des-Blancs community, BHI began holding public meetings to discuss the planning process. Key community stakeholders came together with an interest in advising BHI through the project’s course. These stakeholders became the CPAC, Community Planning Advisory Committee, and represented Fond-des-Blancs’ industry sectors.

The Community Planning project is currently finalizing the land planning process, visioning section, and completing the final report for the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

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