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Project Introduction

The traveling team of BHI biomedical engineers visited Madagascar to assess eight hospitals’ readiness for a PSA plant installation.

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    February 2022 - Present
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Project Description

In August 2022, seven BHI biomedical engineers traveled to eight hospitals across Madagascar to assess readiness for installation of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plants. PSA plants produce oxygen-enriched air with 90-100% oxygen purity, commonly referred to as medical oxygen. Medical oxygen is vital for the treatment of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19 and tuberculosis, and is also necessary for surgery and neonatal care. The BHI team worked with hospital staff and the Ministry of Health to analyze the hospital infrastructure’s capacity for a PSA plant as well as provide technical recommendations for changes and upgrades necessary before installation. The team advised what size and type of plant would work best for each hospital. Madagascar is one of 44 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America that the BHI is supporting in PSA plant installation for the Global Fund.

In coordination with international partners and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria BHI engages with key stakeholders at ministries of health and within local communities to provide the technical specifications necessary for oxygen plant procurement and installation. Technical experts on the BHI team perform in-country site-readiness assessments to identify whether upgrades and alterations to the facility are needed before a PSA plant is installed. The findings from these assessments then guide recommendations for PSA plant size, configuration, specifications, and training programs. Advising and coordination in this manner allows for the implementation of context-appropriate, efficient, and safe oxygen plants.

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Major Funding Partner

  • The Global Fund