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BHI brings certainty of outcome and predictability of schedule to the complex task of healthcare construction in the world’s most difficult settings. We deliver quality facilities that enable our partners to provide care in a dignified setting.

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Plan & Design

BHI’s diverse team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals understands how small design decisions have enormous implications on future operational demands. Our planning and design process balances minimizing capital costs, designing for long-term operation, and driving for improved quality of care. We help our partners assess their capacity and where they best fit into building a robust public health system, and apply this planning methodology to all design decisions.

Plan & Design Featured Project

St. Boniface Center for Infectious Disease and Emergency Care

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Build & Equip

Our building strategies are developed from a wealth of experience in healthcare infrastructure in the world’s most difficult and resource-constrained settings. For each project, we determine the most efficient way to build safe and sustainable structures given the time, cost, and material resources available. Our skill set ranges from construction administration to advising and we emphasize hiring and training local workers to engage the community and establish technical skills in the local workforce.

Build & Equip Featured Project

National Clinical Reference Laboratory

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Operate & Maintain

BHI’s work does not end when the ribbon is cut - we understand that successful long-term clinical operation is challenging and reliant on a functional, well-maintained facility. We provide on-site facilities support, including emergency repairs, multi-year facilities oversight, and training programs. We continuously enable our partner organizations to deliver critical care by maintaining functional facilities with predictable operating costs and using local resources.

Operate & Maintain Featured Project

HUM Facilities Maintenance

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Advise & Research

BHI strives to use every project as a learning experience to develop best practices that serve the greater global health community. We re-examine previous projects to evaluate our successes and strengths, to identify mistakes and consequent areas of improvement, and to continuously better understand how design impacts use and performance. We aim to promote rigorous, evidence-based approaches in the broader field of building healthcare infrastructure for vulnerable populations.

Advise & Research Featured Project

Fond-des-Blancs Hospital Master Plan

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Developing global health infrastructure requires the collective effort of many individuals in a range of capacities.

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