Meet the People of Build Health International

Abijah Offré


Alberto Cumerlato


Alberto Peña de Jesus

Heavy Equipment Operator

Alejandro Ascuasiati staff headshot
Alejandro Ascuasiati

Building Information Model Manager

Allison Denisky

Senior Architectural Designer

Alonso Obregon

Architectural Designer Intern

Andrew Johnston

Director of Medical Oxygen Education and Training

Andrew Jones

International Inventory Logistics Coordinator

Aristide Shingiro

Regional Construction Manager

Avery Doninger

Senior Project Manager, Oxygen

Barnaby Riche

HVAC and Plumbing Foreman

Brandon Hornak

Project Manager

Britta Johnston

Biomedical Engineer

Bruce Barr

Senior Project Manager

Casey Piedra

Senior Structural Engineer

Cecilia Needham

External Programs Coordinator

Chinwe Williams-Chukwu

Global Health Program Manager

Chris Rogers

Supply Chain and Logistics Coordinator

Christine Mutaganzwa

Global Health Program Manager

Corinne Gardner

Volunteer Designer

David Acolatse

Facilities and Biomedical Engineer

Devin Nagle

Program and Partnership Manager

Edouard Lebrun

Masonry and Concrete Foreman

Emile Buissereth

Truck Driver

Eric Buckley

Director of Oxygen Engineering

Erik Benson

Director of East Africa Operations

Fatlum ‘Lucky’ Troshani

Project Engineer

Gad Lee Muhirwa

Biomedical Engineer

Gerard Georges

Director of Architecture

Jack Manderson

Master Plumber and Pipefitter

Jaresiah Desrosiers

Senior Project Manager

Jason Rojas

Electrical Engineer

Jay Verspyck

Director of Design

Jean Christian Singirankabo Ujeneza headshot
Jean Christian Singirankabo Ujeneza

Biomedical Engineer

Jean Alex Paul

Carpentry Foreman

Jean Dhonneur


Jean-Francois Laforet

Haiti Director of Operations and Procurement

Jefferson Jeune

Architectural Design Intern

Jen Morin

Mechanical Engineer

Jesse Lee

Project Manager

Jim Ansara

Co-founder and Managing Director

Jimmy Forest

Electrical and Renewable Energy General Supervisor

Joe Condon

Senior Project Manager

John Chew

Construction Supervisor

John Hale

Architect and Quality Control Manager

José Mataix

Electrical and Renewable Energy Systems Engineer

Kedlin Bernard

Labor Foreman

Kenzy Maignan

Metalwork Foreman

Kevin Ndeti

Electrical Engineer

Keysi De Los Santos

Logistics Support Coordinator

Kira Levin

Global Health Initiatives Program Officer

Laura Roaen

HR Specialist & Office Manager

Leticia Julio

Structural Engineering and Project Management Intern

Lorraine Wile

Accounting Associate

Mark Aherrera

IT Manager

Maxwell Mataka

Biomedical/Electrical Site Supervisor

Miguel Vasquez

Senior Project Engineer

Mike Ansara

Logistics Support Coordinator

Mikel Beaumont

Architectural Technician

Noah Hudelson

Facilities Coordinator

Obed Ogega

Senior Electrical Engineer

Olivia Duggan

Global Health Consultant

Olivia Landry

Architectural Designer

Omar Hernández

Deputy Director, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Pedro Castro

Partnership and Research Coordinator

Rachel Siero

Procurement Coordinator

Renato Kasai

Architectural Designer

Robert Raymond

Hospital Planner and Architect

Rosanna Giorlandino

Communications and Marketing Manager

Samantha Morrison

Project Manager

Sanel Lise

Assistant Site Manager

Sarah Godschall

Project Engineer

Sarah Sceery

Deputy Director, Partnerships and Administration

Selma Nane

Financial Controller

Sola DaSilva

Architectural Designer

Sony Benjamain

Site Supervisor

Steven Mtewa

Facilities Biomedical Engineer

Shanon Heckethorn

Development Manager

Susana Rosales Sanchez de Shick headshot
Susana Rosales Sanchez de Shick

Assistant Project Manager

Thelma Ahamba

Medical Oxygen Content Development Manager

Theogene Ngirinshuti headshot
Theogene Ngirinshuti

Global Health Program Manager

Tom Monaghan

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Tyler Morris

Project Manager

Tyler Stamper

IT Intern

Uma Bhuju

Content Management Intern

Victoria O'Malley headshot
Victoria O’Malley

Structural Engineer

Yangzi Sherpa

Senior Accountant

Yovani Antonio de Jesus

Senior Technical Specialist

Zachary Chase

Director of Partnerships