Build Health International

Project Introduction

In response to the unprecedented Ebola crisis in West Africa, BHI partnered with PIH to complete a comprehensive assessment of two district hospitals in Sierra Leone and two in Liberia, in an effort to return these facilities to full operation. BHI designed plans for phased renovations, provided engineering and construction oversight for infrastructure projects and ensured comprehensive equipping of these hospitals.

Build Health International

Project Information

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  • Timeline
    April, 2015 - June, 2016
  • Operational Partners
    Partners in Health, Shepley Bulfinch, Thompson Consultants
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Build Health International

Project Description

When Ebola struck West Africa in 2015 PIH responded by engaging in direct care of patients with Ebola as well as focusing on health systems strengthening, focusing efforts at public-sector hospitals. PIH focused their attention on four largely non-functional district hospitals:

1. Koidu Government Hospital in Kono, Sierra Leone
2. Port Loko Hospital in Port Loko, Sierra Leone
3. JJ Dossen Hospital in Harper, Liberia
4. Zwedru Hospital in Zwedru, Liberia

In addition to providing clinical care, BHI completed infrastructure assessments of each hospital’s condition and the potential for rehabilitation.

BHI sent a team of five medical and infrastructure experts for an in-depth assessment and used the information from this initial assessment to prioritize projects based on need, speed, and funding. From concept to completion BHI provided support and logistics for budgeting, purchasing, shipping, hiring staff, oversight, and more.

“We are particularly proud of Koidu Government Hospital” says BHI co-founder Jim Ansara. KGH was ostensibly closed. There was no equipment, water, or electricity, and a limited staff. With a tight budget, BHI and PIH transformed the health center into a functional refuge - repairing the old patchwork electrical system, providing generators, oxygen, sanitation, and infection control.

Today, KGH is now a fully functional hospital with maternity health, internal medicine, and other departments dedicated to delivering life-saving care to the residents of Sierra Leone.