Published By: BHI Communications

ASTMH Publishes Ivers & Walton Editorial

“As the world struggles with the rapidly evolving pandemic of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), evidence and experience suggest that low-income and marginalized communities in our global society will bear the biggest impact. We know this because, with our colleagues in Boston, Haiti, Uganda, and Sierra Leone, we have worked in under-resourced, overstretched, and overwhelmed health systems for our whole careers… COVID-19 will amplify existing inequities, and we must act swiftly to leave no one behind.” – Dr. Ivers & Dr. Walton

What does global health equity mean in a pandemic of such magnitude as COVID-19? Dr. Louise Ivers (Massachusetts General Hospital) and BHI CEO Dr. David Walton, tackle this question in a new editorial published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. They make the case that global health equity means taking a proactive approach by addressing disparities and injustice from the start — both in how we approach scientific discovery and in how we deliver interventions.

Dr. Ivers and Dr. Walton’s article is available online now. You can also read more about our Coronavirus Response.