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BHI Listed as Org to Support for Haiti Relief recently featured Build Health International on its “list of organizations to help Haiti following the deadly earthquake.” Read the full list here

Haiti is still reeling from an earthquake that left at least 1,400 dead, and thousands more injured, on Saturday, and it is now preparing for Tropical Depression Grace.

Many in Massachusetts, with direct ties to the country or not, may be wondering how they can help during this difficult time.

For those who do have family members there, they’ve been forced to standby, and hope for their safety and recovery from injuries.

“My brother lost his house,” Marie Forestal, a Mattapan resident, told The Boston Globe. “And my niece got hurt, and my brother got hurt. Not too bad, because they tried to run. My niece fell and hurt her leg. But they’re OK, my family’s OK.”

The earthquake comes weeks after Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated at home in early July.

“The question is now, what is happening to Haiti?” the Rev. Garcia Breneville told the Globe. “Do we have a curse on this country, where nothing can work in this country?”

Breneville said he spent 17 years as a priest in Haiti. He spoke about having hope.

“You cannot be down,” he told the newspaper. “You have to bring hope, so say can hope against all hope. We have to hope. And the nearer the dawn, the darker the night.”

For those who want to help Haiti, here’s a list of organizations, some based in Massachusetts, that are helping the country recover:

If you’d like to add a resource to the list below, please email us with the name and link at

Based in Massachusetts:

Build Health International, based in Beverly, is also accepting donations for earthquake relief. Those who want to donate can check a box so the money goes directly to the earthquake efforts.

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