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Unprofessional Engineering: Interview with Lynelle Cameron

Lynelle Cameron, CEO of the Autodesk Foundation & VP of Sustainability at Autodesk, sat down with the Unprofessional Engineering podcast at Autodesk University Las Vegas 2019 to speak about the foundation’s work. Lynelle speaks the Autodesk Foundation’s work and the impact their grantees, including Build Health International, are making an impact in the world. 

“The kinds of foundations we invest in are ones that are scalable and actually impact people’s’ lives… Jim Ansara – who is here at Autodesk University – he is a retired executive a construction firm. So he has actually been in the field for decades, and he was asked to come build a hospital in Haiti. And that has now turned into a whole organization called Build Health International.”

Listen to Lynelle’s full interview, here: