Saint Rock Hospital

Project Introduction

Following a visit to BHI’s long-time partner Saint Boniface Hospital, Saint Rock Haiti Foundation reached out to BHI to for programming, clinical planning, architecture and engineering services. This new 13,600-square-foot community hospital will include emergency and maternal health services, as well as expanded facilities for in-and out-patient care, mental health counselling, dental care, HIV treatment, and volunteer accommodations.

Build Health International

Project Information

  • Square Feet
  • Timeline
    December 2017 - Present
  • Operational Partner
    Saint Rock Haiti Foundation
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Build Health International

Project Description

The new Saint Rock Hospital will replace Saint Rock Haiti Foundation's existing health clinic, which has been increasingly pressed to deliver care to the growing population living on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. That three-room clinic currently offers the only health services available in Saint Rock and the surrounding communities. The clinic already has almost 50,000 registered patients, but is only able to see an average of 50 per day.

In building the new Saint Rock Hospital, BHI will expand the community's health care capacity by 400%. The new hospital will be able to treat 200 patients a day, with increased quality of care and a wider range of services, including emergency care; a new maternal center of excellence; mental health counseling; a dental ward; expanded facilities for in- and out-patient care; and HIV treatment.