Build Health International

Project Introduction

The Leo Project provides an array of support services, educational opportunities, and creative outlets to the community of Nanyuki, Kenya. Recognizing the need for expanded healthcare access, in 2021 The Leo Project began construction of a community health clinic. The Caitlin O’Hara Community Health Clinic will deliver affordable and dignified primary healthcare to the rural region.

Build Health International

Project Information

  • Square Feet
  • Timeline
    January 2021 - Present
  • Operational Partner
    The Leo Project
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Build Health International

Project Description

Community Health Worker programs and small preventative care clinics such as The Caitlin O’Hara Clinic are a crucial link in the healthcare delivery ecosystem for rural communities such as Nanyuki. These clinics in provide geographically and financially accessible healthcare for individuals in these areas, especially women and children. We hope this clinic can provide a prototype for other clinics across rural Kenya to advance dignified and equitable healthcare for everyone, everywhere.