Published By: BHI Communications

Sigmas Estimates Features BHI

Sigma Estimates interviewed BHI Project Engineer Fatlum Troshani about our work and how we use their product. You can read the full interview on Sigma’s website. 

Excerpted from the interview:

Build Health International (BHI), a design build company in healthcare and one of the leading global forces for health infrastructure development, design, and construction in emerging regions of the world has selected Sigma Estimates for their estimating and project execution.

Excellence in Estimating and Project Management

Build Health International’s business platform is based on improving the quality and quantity of healthcare systems across the world, with a specific focus on underdeveloped communities. They approach each compassionate project with the principles of integrative design, local workforce inclusion, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

For any organization operating within regions of less economic development and infrastructure, there are business, operational, and process-level challenges to navigate. Build Health International has developed excellent operating standards centered around project management and estimating that help them navigate the complexity of their projects.