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Tackling Global Health Challenges with Autodesk

BHI was recently featured on for our work responding to COVID-19 by using Autodesk technology. 

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Build Health International (BHI), an organization dedicated to building high-quality health infrastructures and enabling access to health care in impoverished regions, recently turned to The Living, an innovative Autodesk Studio, to better incorporate the latest technologies in facility design efforts. The Living team tests and explores new applications of technology in AI and computation, design and fabrication, human-computer interaction and visualization, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics.

As COVID-19 took hold of the world, BHI set out to develop an open-source manual with construction guidelines and designs for low-skilled laborers. With support from the foundation’s pro bono consulting, the collaborative resulted in a design-for assembly process that considers limited resources, as well as other localized concerns.

“Fast-tracked design and construction were the only ways we could create effective COVID-19 treatment centers,” said Thomas Darr, BHI project architect and site supervisor. “We set the building dimensions for the wards early based on the requisite number of beds, infection prevention and control guidelines, and structural parameters for simple construction. This enabled our construction teams to initiate sitework quickly, including grading and pouring the concrete pads, while the design team revised interior building layouts. Fast-tracking construction in this way enabled our team to design and build a 50-bed COVID-19 treatment center in less than five weeks.”

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