Published By: BHI Communications

BHI Featured in the Autodesk Foundation Annual Impact Report

This week, the Autodesk Foundation launched its FY2023 Impact Report and cited Build Health International as an exemplary nonprofit using Autodesk technology and training services. The report features BHI’s design and build plans for the Saint Rock Hospital in Carrefour, Haiti as a case study. This project utilized seven Autodesk technologies through the Technology Impact Program.

Currently, the Saint Rock Clinic serves over 50,000 patients out of their three-room primary-care clinic. There is a dire need for the high-quality, dignified hospital that BHI is building. Once complete, it will serve over 200 patients a day, expanding capacity by 400%. BHI employed Revit, Insight 360, and other Autodesk technologies to create a design that fits local construction methods, materials, and is energy-efficient.

Read the full feature and full Impact Report (BHI and the Saint Rock case study will also be featured in the Autodesk Corporate Impact Report)