Build Health International

Project Introduction

In order to accommodate an increased need and demand for pediatric orthopedic care, CURE International partnered with BHI to renovate and expand their hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. The new surgical center will include three operating rooms, one procedure room, and all the necessary collateral that the department needs. In addition to the structural, mechanical. and electrical drawing sets, BHI is providing plans for considerable renovation of the inpatient and outpatient departments.

Build Health International

Project Information

  • Square Feet
  • Timeline
    January 2022 - Present
  • Operational Partner
    CURE International
& Design
Build Health International

Project Description

CURE International partnered with BHI to double the number of pediatric orthopedic surgeries over the next five years. CURE treats children with conditions such as spina bifida, clubfoot, cleft lip, and hydrocephalus as well as burns and broken bones. This crucial and lifesaving work requires highly efficient, functional, and comfortable spaces for patients and medical staff alike - BHI makes this possible.

BHI employees utilized participatory and patient-centered design techniques to accommodate and meet the needs of all hospital stakeholders. Through this process, considerations such as patient flows and dignified waiting spaces for maternal guardians were addressed. The team then used Matterport cameras to survey existing facilities and create digital models of the existing hospital. Through careful consideration, BHI then created a construction drawing set and building guidelines for the expansion and renovation of the hospital. These guidelines address challenges such as limited space constraints and the hospital’s need to continue operating while construction is underway.